Convergence is the new thing! Haven’t you heard?

Media Convergence is such a huge topic that we cannot fully understand it. How can we explain that literally all the information that we would ever want to know is located in atoms in the air, and is somehow transported to computers? How do we explain how rapidly the Internet took over the world, with new mediums coming to light with every blink? Even right now, I sit here and I’m prompted by Facebook to message my friends, I am emailed by Youtube to let me know that my subscriptions have updated, and my music in the background has just clocked over to a new song because Spotify has created a playlist exactly to my taste.

The ay in which the Internet and the Media has changed itself and molded itself to our tastes is a bit mind boggling; literally anything we want to know/do can be digitalized. Nearly everything online can be customized to fit our criteria. Want to know every time someone tweets about a certain subject? There are Twitter bots for that. Want your phone to remind you when to take your medicine? There’s an app for that. Want a phone that won’t let you text your ex? There’s an app for that! Our world is becoming more and more digitalized, and therefore our needs as people are becoming digitalized too. If that doesn’t represent convergence, I don’t know what does.

Even though convergence has its upsides, such as the ever available news and current events, there are also downsides. Now, when you put up content on the web you have to expect for it to be seen by everyone. That content is no longer yours; it can be seen by everyone and anyone all over the world, all they need is internet access. This brings us to the trouble of privacy on the internet; can you really have it? When the internet can be accessed by anyone and everyone, you have to think logically and realize that no, no one truly has privacy on the internet.

Despite the fact that the media is so vast and intricate now, there are a few downsides. I mean, I have to wiggle my laptop cord a certain way to get it to work, its 2016! Haven’t we converged past that?




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