Week 5: You Like Cookies, Eh?

This week we are looking at audiences in the media, and how they provide allowances for dialogic media. Business of today relies on one thing; consumers. And how do we connect with the consumers? Through the use of cleverly placed advertisement and product placement. Companies have developed intrinsic and highly developed ways in which they connect with their target audiences, through the use of third party information, and tailoring advertisements to the individual customer.


Have you realised that after you view an advertisement once, it keeps popping up everywhere? Just recently I used the trial version of Wondershare Filmora in order to create a video for a subject, and then I started to see the advertisement created by the brand pop up before the Youtube videos I watched! An interesting look at how in depth companies go to invade our internet privacy for their corporate gain is seen in this piece; https://vimeo.com/39677781.



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